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Custom Application Development

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However large or small your vision, we will build you a beautiful mobile app, desktop app or script tailored specifically to the requirements of your business.

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Mobile App Development

Create a great app for your podcast. Turn your shopify store into a mobile ecommerce store. Connect the students of your school or university.  We can design experiences for any audience. We can provide solutions for both IOS and Android.

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Web Development

We deliver more than mobile applications - we deploy to the web! Whether you require a management dashboard, a landing page for your new mobile app *wink* or any other sort of website or web deployed code, we have you covered.

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Business Analysis

If your requirements are locked down, great. But if not do not fear - our staff analyst will work with you to understand your project and then convert your business requirements in the technical requirements of the project in a traceable format. 

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Software Testing

Nothing leaves our shop untested! Our QA team has decades of experience testing all manner of software. Our testers will make sure all requirements are fufilled, that your software is as bug free as possible and that there are no issues with copy or security.

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UX + UI Design

Building an App is about more than the features. It has to be presented to users in as an experience that is clear, usable and engaging. UX can be the difference in creating a successful app.

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Open Source

We love open source software and the open source community. By leveraging open source software, we can often times avois re-inventing the wheel while tapping into large communities of users and user based knowledge for support. If there is a particular open source software you would like to extend, integrate or work with we are happy to help.

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twenty9north custom development is a provider of development services specializing in applications for political and advocacy organizations.

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